KAMAD Podcast History

Over the course of ten years, the blog has gone in a lot of directions. I started with a narrow focus, switched to contemporary reviews, added event reporting and some special projects and generally tried a lot of movie related things. On-line movie material was apparently a ripe source of content for Podcasters.

My podcast history starts as a listener. I read a site called “Fogs Movie Reviews” and Fogs had a Podcast with Chris Tanski called “The Title Pending Movie Podcast”. I became a habitual listener but I never made an appearance on the show, I did however get a sense of what a podcast could be. I had also become a member of “The Lamb”, [The Large Association of Movie Blogs] and there was a podcast there as well, and I started listening to this show also.

My first shot at being on a podcast came in 2014. I was doing a special year long project on the films of 1984, and I connected with Todd Liebenow of the “Forgotten Filmcast” who was doing a similar project. He invited me to be on his show and I made my Podcast Debut discussing the Clint Eastwood/Burt Reynolds vehicle “City Heat”.

I really enjoyed doing the show and it encouraged me to look for some more opportunities to be on a podcast. After listening to a “Lambcast” that discussed the various film presentations of “Robin Hood”, including “The Adventures of Robin Hood” [my favorite film], I reached out to the Lambcast and I was invited to participate in an upcoming show. My first appearance on the show was a “roll Your Own” episode where each guest brought a top five list to share.

Unfortunately the link does not work, but let me assure you I was brilliant. As I remember it, I pitched my first Movie of the Month Selection on this show (or maybe it was “The Towering Inferno” episode), and lo and behold, it won, so just a few weeks later I hosted a Lambcast episode on “Streets of Fire” another film from my 1984 project.

For a while, when I was a guest on the Lambcast, I would post the shows I was on here on KAMAD so that followers would be able to find them. I had something going for me when it came to the Lambcast, I was usually available, even at the last minute. The Host, Jay Cluitt, often needed a back up for a guest who dropped out and I was easy to plug in.

Two years after my first appearance on the Lambcast, Jay asked me to be his regular co-host. So starting in Spring of 2018. I have been on the show on an almost weekly basis. My first Solo Hosting Job may be the least listened to Lambcast ever but here is a link to the post where you can link to the podcast.

For nearly two years I have done the show week by week, with a couple of breaks here and there. It is one of the things I enjoy the most as a result of this blog. I have connected with dozens of movie fans, writers and production crew members as a consequence of the Lambcast, and that would never have happened without the blog existing first.

My Daughter Amanda and I have started our own Podcast called “Catching Up” where we are doing a simple review of Television series that we may have missed or did not finish. We started with the Show “Supernatural”, but since she has moved to Texas and the point was to watch together, we are on hiatus for the moment. You can find the shows we have done at this link.

Since I am on the subject, they are not exactly Podcasts, but I have done a number of entries for this site as video blogs, and they are all available at the KAMAD Vlog. 

The lookback posts will continue for the rest of May. I hope everyone is doing well and that these links give you a fun way to while away some time  when you are in Lockdown.

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