Oscar Nominated Shorts 2017: Animated/Live Action

Blind Vaysha

The very distinctive animation here made this less appealing but still interesting. There is a YouTube Version available, I have posted it here for you.


Borrowed Time

A morbid but touching western theme for a Pixar short. There are some gruesome elements so it’s not really for kids. I liked it quite well but it ends up being pretty depressing. Below is the trailer.


Pear Cider and Cigarettes

If I thought “Borrowed Time” was depressing, I was slapped by reality with this offereing. The longest animated short of the evening. It centers on a friendship with a self destructive person, and it is not a pretty story. It is however excellently animated. Another trailer below.



The most pleasant surprise of the collection. This looks like a rotoscoped film and it has a nice design that is different from most of the other films here. This is another one where I found a complete version on line and you will find it next.


The last nominated short is also Pixar. I think it played with “Finding Dory” so it should be familiar to most of you. The computer animation is lush and photo real while still maintaining a  sense that it is animated. No words, just the usual high class story telling from the premire animation group working today. It is below.


Live Action Shorts


Enemies Within

A French Short that basically consists of an interrogation of an Algerian man applying for French Citizenship. You never know which one of the participants to sympathize with, but the experience is insightful.


Le Femme et le TGV

A Swiss film about the odd connection between an older woman and the high speed train she greets twice a day. This was an interesting and nicely complete story.

Silent Nights

Another fairly complete story with several highs and lows. The power of love and hate come together in two people from very different worlds. It is a painful but sweet experience for each.


A Hungarian film about a school choir. I think it was my favorite because it is subversive in a very nice way. Kids have feelings and adults should stop worring about always getting their way.


The shortest of the shorts, Timecode is a winner of the Special Distinction Award at Cannes. It is also odd and entertaining and ultimately charming.


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