Robert Shaw Film Festival Day Two The Deep 1977

I did a posting on The Deep a year ago. You can find that commentary here:

Kirkham A Movie A Day: The Deep (1977) – A Movie A Day Day 59

We watched it tonight as part two of our Robert Shaw Festival. This is his reprise of the Quint character from Jaws, but as I watched it I realized that is a gross mis-characterization. There are several parallels but the truth is, this character is distinct and has greater diversity of emotions than I had originally thought. Shaw uses more of his original accent and that deadly calm demeanor is combined with a more natural personality than quint had. Romer Treece is a figure of respect for his accomplishments, but it is also clear he is a serious man with some romantic tendencies, he is actually pretty sentimental over the young couple he is working with.

I liked the relationship he developed with his hulking friend Kevin, and the paternalistic tone he took with the character played by Eli Wallach. I’m glad Wallach got a special Oscar last year, he deserved it, but it is funny to think he outlived Shaw by so long. If you look at the two in this film, Shaw is fairly young and vigorous. He has a dashing older man’s charm and a physique that suggests he can handle himself. Wallach looked old an enfeebled in 1977, yet he is still working today in his nineties. This is again a reminder of what we lost when Shaw died at age 51. He only made two more films after this.

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