10 Year Lookback Memory Test

So I had this idea a while back, and I thought I would follow through on it, unlike so many ideas I have. I went back through the site, and picked out two films for each of the last ten years, that my memory barely contained. I was looking for movies that I recalled as enjoying and those that I did not care for, with the proviso that I have not really seen the films again since that viewing in a theater.  Without looking at what I wrote, I selected the films and designated them “Worthy” or “Worthless”. 

Now it’s time to look back and see if my memory has completely failed me, or if I was right all along. There are links to each of the reviews and I invite you to tell me that I have lost it, or that I should not worry too much about early onset memory loss. Have fun. 

2012LockoutHouse at the End of the Street
201347 RoninCarrie Remake
2014Begin AgainThe Other Woman
2015SPYTaken 3
2016Pete’s DragonAllied
2017A Monster CallsPower Rangers
2018TagThe Predator
2019Scary Stories to Tell in the DarkThe Dead Don’t Die
2020BeckyThe Rhythm Section

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