2019 KAMAD in Review

Do You Feel Lucky?

The last year had a number of great movie moments for me. In addition to new films, there were Special Presentations, Film Festivals, and a few other memorable events that might be worth tracking down. I’m going to summarize some highlights (and low lights) and provide you with quick links if you are interested in exploring a little.

As you probably are aware, I have been the co-host of the LAMBCAST for well over a year now. In my capacity, I have appeared on 40 podcasts through the Large Association of Movie Blogs. Several of the shows were solo efforts when my Podcast Partner was unable or unwilling to cover a subject.  I won’t list all of those shows here but there are a few I do want to draw your attention to.

Happy Birthday

As part of my benefit as co-host, all the choices for Movie of the Month in my Birthday Month of February were mine. The LAMB voted and “Tombstone” was the winner.

Journey into Espionage Territory

We began a year long discussion of all 24 EON James Bond Films in anticipation of the upcoming final Daniel Craig Bond film. These discussions go deep and sometimes the podcasts get a little long. If you are a James Bond Fan however, they are essential.

Bonus feature:

I was invited to be a guest on the Exploding Helicopter Podcast totalk about “You Only Live Twice”, with lots of chopperfireballs.

Podcast Highlight of the Year.

I traveled to London and we had a meet up with some of my fellow Lambs, Including the Host of the Podcast Jay Cluitt. We all went to a film together and then at dinner that night and breakfast the next day, we recorded a live podcast. It was a blast, and if you listen, you can hear us eating while we talk.

Oh Yeah,…

Amanda and I started our own Podcast also. It’s called “Catching Up”, we are covering old series of TV programs that we missed or never finished on their original go round. Currently we are working through “Supernatural”, you can find the podcast here. Please follow if you are interested.


As usual, my movie going is not limited to new releases. Whenever I get the chance, I want to see classic films on the big screen.

So here are a few I revisited this year.

Malcolm McDowell

Summertime Fun

A Double Feature that includes the annual Jaws visit in the summertime.

Another Irresistible Force

Of Course

and then Again

Two From the Original Movie Blog Project

Classic Horror from the 1980s

All Day Marathon

TCM Film Festival

Day One http://kirkhamclass.blogspot.com/2019/04/tcm-film-festival-10th-anniversary.html

Day Two http://kirkhamclass.blogspot.com/2019/04/tcm-film-festival-10th-anniversary_18.html

Day Three http://kirkhamclass.blogspot.com/2019/04/tcm-film-festival-10th-anniversary_19.html

Day Four http://kirkhamclass.blogspot.com/2019/04/tcm-film-festival-10th-anniversary_20.html


I enjoy a good documentary, but they are often screened on Television and fall outside of the purpose of the blog. This year however, I saw four documentary films in a movie theater and I am happy to recommend them all.

The Dregs

They can’t all be great. Whenever you go to the movies, we all hope what we are going to see will be amazing. Sometimes however we are going to be disappointed.  Here are five films that really let me down.



Two of these movies have been getting a lot of positive feedback from critics and other bloggers. “Us” was out loud laughable, I could not take it seriously. “The Lighthouse” I actively hated. Annoying and like watching through dirty cheese cloth.

Personal Connections

Two of my friends were involved in movie related projects this year.
David Brook, one of the LAMBs we met up with was the editor on a terrific independent film that I would strongly urge you to search out.

My long time blogging Colleague Eric Friedman, who has a blog you all should enjoy reading, published a book this year and I was happy to review it.

You can order it on Amazon as a Kindle or paperback. Do so, you will enjoy.

Happy New Year Everyone.

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