2 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time in Hollywood: Videoblog Update

  1. Richard, I’ll have to read your first review as well, but I too am mystified by the shade thrown on the Sharon Tate character, I was so happy to see her shown as a human being, living her life, not just a victim of horrific slaughter. The ending is, no question, a better one than we got in real life. I will say, as I’ve watched the film another few times, I could be crazy, but I’m starting to think absolutely every scene has a purpose and nothing is really expendable.

  2. There is almost always a payoff somewhere in the film. I don’t think you could cut whole scenes, mostly they need to be tightened. The end makes the journey worthwhile. Tate was the most appealing presence on screen, regardless of the number of lines she had. Thanks so much for taking the time to watch and to share your thoughts.

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