5 Year Anniversary

Five years ago, in a fit of pique because there was a three week break between the end of the regular semester and the start of the summer session, I decided to vent by creating a project for myself. I was going to have some time on my hands during the day and I decided to start a movie blog project. The original goal was to do a post every day for the summer, first by watching a film and then by providing opinion, history, and context to the experience. While some bloggers seem to thrive on a daily ritual, I don’t always find it easy. My schedule changes, my moods range more directions than a herd of cats, and frankly, because I never learned to touch type, my composition was sometimes a chore designed more to reduce typos than to offer deep insights.

The original project ran from May 31 though Labor Day, September 6, 2010. There were 97 movies in the project that I posted on in that time frame, films from the summers of my youth, the 1970s. Most of them were pleasant revisits, a few drove me to distraction, but all of them forced me to think about the movies I see in more than just a passing fashion. When the project was complete, I discovered I wanted to keep writing and sharing my impressions, so by the end of 2010, the blog evolved into a more contemporary film blog, with occasional diversions back into the past. I decided that if I saw a film in a theater, I would post some kind of comment about the experience.

Since the start of 2011, I have reviewed or pontificated on all the new releases that I have seen, and there are a lot of them. I pay for all my theatrical experiences so sometimes I am selective, I don’t see every documentary, indie, or foreign  film making the rounds. Now let me completely contradict my claim about being selective, I see a lot of crap. If Jason Statham or Liam Neeson are are on the poster, there is a good chance I will see it. If it is a horror film with a theme, a director, or word of mouth good enough to get me into a theater, I’m happy to confess my weakness. I have seen all the Transformers movies, fortunately only two were in the time I was writing for the blog.

I like revivals of classic films, and special screenings of recent projects now being sold on Blu-ray and marketed with a one night only opportunity. If I can find “Lawrence of Arabia” or “Jaws” on a big screen within a fifty mile radius, I will usually be there. The American Cinematique at the Egyptian Theater and the “Cinerama Dome” at the Archlight in Hollywood are spots that I haunt, hoping for a chance to see something I have loved from the past in a real movie palace.

I have been fortunate to find new friends on line that share their enthusiasms about films and will listen to me when I am right, and disagree with me when they are wrong. ( OK, maybe the reverse also). There are James Bond Fans out there who are probably tired of me mouthing off on why their selection of the greatest 007 is wrong, or who can’t wait to find some other obscure piece of Bond material to fetishize along with me. I’ve met a few of these folks in person, but most of them are a continent away, and they might freak out if I show up unannounced at their beach house or at Comic Com N.Y..

People have invited me to participate in a multiple blogathons, a round table or two, and even a podcast. I hope to continue in doing all of those things. I will probably create a podcast myself, and if you haven’t yet visited the VLOG page, you should make a little time. I have a lot of fun when I post the video material and your impression of the voice behind this blog might change by seeing me in human form. The posts I did for Fogs Movie Reviews are still listed on one of the pages here, and “30 Years On” is not finished. There are a dozen more films for the project that I just got behind on, and then the page will morph into the site for all my retro material. If you are a WordPress reader, I have a doppelganger site at “Kirkham A Movie A Day” , for some people, following and commenting is easier if they are using a site that matches their own.

Anyway, I just thought I should commemorate the date and thank anyone who has come by any of the places I have played in over the last five years. Fogs, Eric, Keith and Michael, I especially want to thank you for the consistency of your on-line friendship. There are a dozen others that comment regularly or allow me to comment on their sites with enthusiasm and all of you are appreciated. Thanks, and expect another epic “Jaws” post in the near future, it is after all the 40th anniversary of that artistic achievement.


6 thoughts on “5 Year Anniversary

  1. Congrats, Richard! Quite a feat you should be proud of. Your blog, and your reaching out, is what brought us together as friends and movie viewers, and I am mighty appreciative. Here’s hoping for at least five more years of Kirkham a Movie a Day! And thanks. 🙂

    • Thanks Michael, it’s great when movies bring people together. I’ll keep plugging along as long as there are films that make me want to talk. I appreciate all the support you have given the site.

  2. Mazel Tov, man. Five years is an impressive achievement… I know I didnt make it that long!!

    Seriously though, even though I abstain from the blogosphere nowadays, I’m really glad that sites like yours give movie fans like us a chance to connect. You have world class taste, brother, thanks for sharing it with the world!!

    • Miss you out here but glad to hear you on the podcast. Thanks for the support, I know there are like minded people out there who can carry on a civil and fun conversation, because we did it on your site. I’ll keep plugging away and hope you make it back here occasionally. Like in November, when SPECTRE opens.

      • Nooooo doubt. 😀 Looking forward to that, I’ll have to get my Bond on someplace!! 😉

        That may be a good time to get you on the show actually, as well…. you’re long overdue!

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