TCM Film Festival Preview

Last year I made my first trip down to the TCM Film Festival and crashed a screening of my favorite film. I was jealous of my friend Michael who was there for the whole Festival, but also grateful to him for saving some seats for my wife and I. I briefly met Will McKinney and Kellee Pratt, two bloggers that I follow and friends of Michael s’. I’m sure they don’t remember because it was about 90 seconds and they were off to another activity. This year however, I pulled the trigger and bought a weekend pass for the event. My job is keeping me away from the Thursday opening and the Friday morning screenings but I have planned a full schedule for myself from Friday evening on.

Some of you may be headed down to Hollywood for this this weekend of bliss, and if you have time, I would love to meet you in person. I’m not on twitter, which is apparently the best way to connect when at a function like this, but I will be updating my Facebook posts on my Movie Blog Page.

I plan on doing a full report on the event after it is over, and I hope to have pictures and video to include. For now though, I thought I would post a list of the films I am going to try to get into and if you are seeing any of these, I hope you will look for me in the crowd. I’m a reasonably friendly person and I’d love to trade opinions, stories and what not with you.

Friday Night

5:30 pm at the Chinese Multiplex 4

Same place, different Classic 7:30 p.m.

In House 1 at the Chinese Multiplex, 007 at 9:15


 Christopher Plummer, aka Rudyard Kipling, is supposed to make an appearance at 10:00 am. Egyptian Theater


The last film produced by Jack Warner himself, at 1:45 in the Chinese IMAX


Maybe the greatest score bu my favorite film composer, in a movie from rebel John Milius.  6:15 pm at the Egyptian

Speaking of rebels, William Friedkin is scheduled to speak at this screening of his Academy Award winning film, starring my favorite actor, Gene Hackman, 9:15 at the Chinese IMAX


 The great Tyrone Power in a dark, dark vision of con men and carnivals.

“You know what a geek is, don’t ya?”

Chinese Multiplex House 6 10:00

I’m a sucker for swashbuckling British Soldiers, Egyptian Theater 1:00

George Clooney locked in a trunk with Jennifer Lopez. Throw in Steve Zahn, Don Cheedle and Albert Brooks, from an Elmore Leonard Novel, of course this is where I will be.

Chinese Multiplex House 1 4:15

The Greatest Showman of the 20th Century, made movies as well as making things disappear. After Disappearing itself for 70 plus years, Houdini’s “the Grim Game, with musical accompaniment. 8:15 at the Egyptian Theater.

Hope everyone who goes gets to see everything they came for, and I hope I get to meet you as well. See you next week in Hollywood.

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