"It’s A Major Award"

OK, maybe not a major award but it is an nice acknowledgement from one of the blog pages that I frequent. Nick over at the Cinematic Katzenjamer included me in his first annual Awards poll on his site. I guess I was a big enough pest in his posting sections to qualify as a know it all. The category I was in was “Most Likely to Teach You Something”. Old guys like me acquire bits and pieces of information if we live long enough and then we are lucky to pass it on.  Fortunately, I have found some folks on line who share my interest in movies, both good and bad. What is nice is that I tied in this category with a guy who’s web site is a lot more organized than mine is (and I suspect he has a lot more breadth than I do in some genres). I’m sure I benefited from the support of my readers and those on Nick’s site that I have been lucky enough to add something to their knowledge. I am in awe of the effort that all these other folks put into their blog pages. If I had the skill and time, I’d wish my site was half as cool as Public Transportation Snob, Fog’s Movie Reviews or the CinematicKatzenjamer. Still let me thank all of you that have supported me and this project. Let’s have a great 2013.

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