Movie Poster Collection

I have acquired nearly 300 movie related posters over the years. Many have been gifts from friends, some were won in trivia contests, a lot were obtained on site at an event, and some I purchased on line. The greatest source of posters for me over the years has been however two stores in Hollywood California. “Cinema Collectors” which no longer exists, usually had a few things that I could not find other places, but frankly, it was not a very interesting store. The other retail location I have favored over the years is “Hollywood Book and Poster”. I first found it when it was located on Las Palmas, just North of Hollywood Blvd. It felt like a giant swap meet there, with scripts and posters and odd other things just about everywhere. A few years after I first started shopping there, they relocated to Hollywood Blvd itself, down near Ivar. That location was darker, which made the posters on the walls look even more inviting. They also had a back room area where you would speak to the employee that would dig out your poster from what was a vault like closet. There were also a number of movie promo buttons that I would always peruse because I collect them as well. They were at that spot only a few years and then moved down the Blvd to a location a couple of doors away from the Hollywood Toy Store and Hollywood Magic. This location is not as interesting or as easy to browse through as the other stores were. A couple of years ago, they also cut the size of the store in half and now work out of a fairly narrow business set up.

It has been my habit since the first year I was married, to travel down to Hollywood to shop for posters for a family gift or two (or sometimes ten). Last Christmas I made the trip and I did not buy anything because I did not fall in love with any of the posters that were then on hand. Christmas usually means that the teaser posters for the Summer movies would be showing up and I liked having those up in the house for friends to see what I was looking forward to. The internet is killing brick and mortar stores all over the place. There are no record stores for the most part, Hollywood Magic is closed and has a single small counter in the Toy Store down from where they once were. I suppose it won’t be too long that Eric, the owner of Hollywood Book and Poster, will close down and save the money from having a shop on the Blvd. He and his regular employees have never been particularly friendly but they were usually knowledgeable and attentive when you knew what you wanted.

In the slide show above, you will see about 80% of my collection. This has been a project that I have been working on for a couple of weeks now. So many of the posters were stuck in the garage, potentially gathering dust and not easily accessible to me. I decided to inventory and file them in a system that would be a lot easier to use. Originally, I planned to photograph each poster but the time I had went by way to quickly and I did not have the materials I needed to shoot them the way I wanted. That will be a task for another time. I have simply searched on line for images to put into this slide show so that any of you interested could look and see. I am planning several posts on the posters themselves in the near future. There are some fun stories and I have opinions on many of the posters I own. Some of these posters are from films I have never seen and the posters are not very attractive. Most of the ones that I purchased have a certain kind of graphic look to them. I love the work of the artist Drew Struzen, and while only a few of these are in my collection, there are several others that are also quite spectacular.

For now, feel free to browse. These are not for sale, they are only being shared with the readers of this site. If you have suggestions for essays or posters that you like, please feel free to leave some comments.

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