Toy Story 3 was great and 127 Hours was harrowing. It has been a good experience already, we won some prizes at trivia and we have True Grit next

Actually it was The Kids are Alright, I would not be surprized if thefe were an upset in the supporting actor catergory christian Bale still is the pick here but Mark Ruffalo was fantastic True Grit is next .You can read my previous comments in the December posts.

Academy Awards Showcase

For the fifth year in a row, the AMC theaters are screening all the nominees for best picture in a single showcase. The first three years we went, it was Five pictures and we thought we were pretty hardcore. Last year the Academy increased the number of nominees, and the AMC showcase went to two Saturdays in a row, five pictures each day. We are headed off to the showcase tomorrow, looking forward to five movies. There are 15 theaters around the country that are showing all 10 films in a 24 hour period. I could not talk Dolores into it, but I may have to do it on my own next year, just to say I did. I’ll try to update from the theater tomorrow, I can’t wait.

It is 10:15 we are in and waiting for the first of our movies, Toy Story 3. This was on my 10 favorites last year. My grandnephew Maysn had this on his ipod at Thanksgiving, that was the only time I saw the film after the 3D experience on opening day. More than a year ago we went and saw Toy Story 1&2 in a 3D format. All of them looked great. We were not given glasses when we came in so this must be a standard version of the film. Last year at the Best Picture showcase, we saw Avatar in 3D and then changed theaters to see the other nine films. They told us as we came in we will stay here all day, just like the other years. It’s going to be great.