A Movie A Day Summer Project

I am a little frustrated that the summer school session at Fullerton starts in late June, the same week Dolores gets done with school. I basically have three weeks to myself and can’t do much except around the house, Not that I would do much anyway, but having to do it alone is annoying, I’ve decided on an ambitious writing media project. Since it is summer time and I have a huge nostalgia for the years I grew up in movie theaters, I decided I would launch this Summer blog. I’m going to try to watch one movie a day from the summers of the 1970’s. Some of those films my family took me to, but the real reason that I loved this time was that I made most of the choice, I saw films with my friends, girlfriend and by myself. Many of the movies were terrible, (ORCA) but they evoke a mood, time or place. Memory is something that I expect I will someday long for and I better help myself a bit along the way. I went thru the IMBD and pulled films that opened between May and August in the years 10970 -1979. My memory was already a little fuzzy because there were a number of movies that I thought were summer films that actually opened in March or April., To be honest, I may have seen them in the summer since in those days a film could stay in theaters for several months, instead of having to be off the screen in two weeks to get ready for the video release. I picked films that I actually saw with maybe two or three exceptions. The films I did not see were movies that slipped by, but could easily have filled a summer night for me because of my interest in the juvenile, political or sentimental. My kids will tell you I am a soft-hearted marshmallow but I also had a cynical streak. To the best of my ability I will try to recall the circumstances, personalities and reactions I had to these movies. Most of these comments will not be full blown reviews but rather quick insights into a time and personality. I see that this seems very narcissistic, so if you are not interested, don’t read, but I hope you might find some of the memories insightful or that they stimulate you to remember trivia that you are glad is a part of your own life. I have no particular strategy for the order in which I will watch the films. They could be from 1971 one day and 1978 the next. To the Left you will find a list of the films I will try to get to. I started out having access to some format of the film in 42 of the 135 movies listed. I have started acquiring more along the way and that will be part of the story as well. If you come across this and have a suggestion or want me to do a particular film, let me know. I will say however that July 4 is reserved for JAWS. It has been a long tradition at the house and I intend to keep it.

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